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One of the largest ranges of large porcelain tiles and Thin wall porcelain slabs in the Uk

About Large Tiles

To answer the question what is a large tiles ….. years ago and in recent times it was anything over a 300 x 300, so 600 x 600 was perceived as a large tile.

Not any more, customer requirements for less grout , Specification and interior design ideas for a more modern look along with production techniques have changed that forever, a large tile as an industry standard is now anything of 800 x 800 and above in square and tiles 450 x 900 in rectangular.

Large Tiles

At www.Largetiles.co.uk we offer a large range (sorry for the pun) of tiles from 800 x 800 right up to the new thinwall slabs for wall and floor use 3000 x 1000, and this is changing constantly with the main european suppliers bringing out larger and larger slab and format.

In general large tiles are in standard thickness ie 10mm (20mm for external) but the new thin wall slabs are offered in a variety of 3mm, 5.6mm, 6mm dependant on manufacturer.


For use on wall or floor internally and externally they enhance any the look to give a space a modern feel, this look encompasses tiles in the style of Concrete, Stone, Fabric, Wood and Metal to name some of the main ones.

Textures also come into play as well with Natural, Polished and Textured being the main ones.

Finally thicknesses, 10mm and now 20mm in some cases

Sizes as mentioned are numerous but to state the main ones

  • 450 x 900
  • 500 x 1000
  • 1200 x 600
  • 800 x 1600
  • 800 x 800
  • 900 x 900
  • 1000 x 1000
  • 1200 x 1200

Thin wall slab

The result of years of research and development and the introduction of modern lamination pressing technology, it is now possible to produce porcelain tiles thinly from 3.5mm in formats of 500 x 1000, 1000 x 1000, 1200 × 3600, 1000 × 3000 mm and 1200 × 2600 mm with new sizes being introduced all the time, whilst maintaining the mechanical and aesthetic properties of porcelain tiles. This expands the scope of porcelain applications, offering great possibilities for innovation in the field of construction and interior design.

All the standard colours , looks and finishes are available including Book matching.

Due to the nature of large tiles and slabs professional fitting is required we offer a full range of installation products and technical guidelines.

Fitting is available also upon request.

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So please look through our ever increasing ranges , if any are of interest please feel free to contact us

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